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My professional purpose is to minimize painful transitions and amplify business success for Founder CEOs on their leadership learning journey.

Your Champion. Your Challenger. Your Confidante.

How did I get to this niche purpose of supporting the organizational, psychosocial & leadership learning aspects of Founder CEOs and their business-building journeys?

The full story links 20 years of personal experience working beside multiple visionary leaders in various industries and growth phases, where the thrilling highs of industry impact & success were tempered by the day-to-day realities of personal risk, expansive responsibilities, & the high stress associated with balancing external business relevance with internal organizational growth.


As a keen observer of cause & effect, alongside an experiential understanding of the "Identity-crisis of Entrepreneurs", I saw that a complete leadership mindset shift (which merges personal values and systemic/process buildouts) was needed to ease the most painful experiences of first-time Founders growing their maturing start-ups.

To support this necessary shift, I was inspired to launch Executive Management Partners, where I provide consulting services (both packaged and a la carte) to deliver on the foundational goals of every Founder – the hopeful creation of an organization that inspires, that has impact, and ultimately endures beyond the Founder themselves.

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